Updating  the DX9

First things first..... there have been a lot of issues with the supplied SD cards that came with the DX9. It has been said many times that it would be better to just trash it and use one from your camera. I haven't had trouble with mine but many people have. Best thing to do is format it right off the bat and make sure to use the eject feature when removing from your computer.


You do have to register your radio with Spektrum on their website. Updates are specific to your radio and cannot be shared with other DX9 owners. With that said, register, and download your update to the firmware. Grab your preferred sound file while you are there and we will use that in another section.

Once you have the firmware update on the SD card and have properly ejected it from the PC, insert it in your radio while it is powered off and simply turn on the radio. The rest should be automatic. The radio will take a short time to update and will go on till done. There is a barber shop pole looking image that will continue to revolve as long as things are progressing properly. 

Tid Bits from AndyEdit

If the progress bar is moving across the screen and the Spektrum logo is blinking, it means that the next update is being loaded.
If the progress bar is moving and the Spektrum logo is solid (either on or off), it means that an update is being applied.
If the backlight is flashing continuously, it means that there is a problem processing the update file. Causes are:
a) The serial number of the file on the card does not match the serial number in the radio. To resolve this, check the website serial against the one in your radio.
b) The file on the card is corrupted. This is usually caused by not executing the "Eject" command properly. See the "How To" PDF (below the orange "UPDATE" button) for details.
c) The card is bad, or
d) The card is in some way incompatible with the radio. The solution for (c) and (d) is to replace the card with a known-good card.