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Editing model nameEdit

There are some shortcuts for editing the model name (and other text) that make it easier to get to the letter you are looking for.  The obvious ones:

  • If you press CLEAR on a space, the text from that point on is cleared.
  • If you press CLEAR on anything other than a space, the character is cleared.

The less obvious shortcut is exactly what happens when you clear a character.  You can think of the characters as being arranged in a circle, in the following order:

A-Z   a-z   0-9   !-~

When you roll through the characters, you go through them in that order, and the ends wrap around.  In other words if you roll right on '~' you end up at 'A', if you roll left at 'A' you end up at '~'.  Notice that there are spaces between sections.  That's the context for the following shortcut:

  • If you press CLEAR on anything other than a space, the current character is moved to the space just before the block of characters the character you cleared was in.

So, for example, if you are on W and press CLEAR, when you roll left you end up at '~', when you roll right you end up at 'a'.