Using a gyro in a plane.

A 3 axis gyro has a common remote gain control , to use this is usefull for during the flight to increase or decrease the gain. But for one thing it is easy to make a MIX Throttle to AUX1 , where AUX1 is the remote gain for the gyro. Why Throttle ?

This is needed when the plane speed increases the gain need to be lowered to prevent fluttering specially for the ailerons, also could be for rudder and elevator.

How to achive this do this :

-RLv is the input to Aux1 via channel assign

-Go to the Mix menu. Select an empty mix. Set it to Curve type

-Mix THR > AX1 , I selected Expo =Act 

-Move the throttle to the 70% position and select Add Point.

-Select point 4. Adjust it downward to -50%

-I selected point 3 and adjusted it to -25%

Now when you increase the throttle above 60% the gain will be lowered in a curve.