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From Andy KunzEdit

How Priority works.
Think of the Flight Modes as a 3x3 table like Tic-Tac-Toe. Each entry in the table comes from a 3-position switch. (If a 2-pos is used, only rows or columns 0/1 are available).
Depending on the combinations of those 2 switches, you get up to 9 possible values (3 times 3 = 9).
That takes care of switches 1 and 2.
The third switch allows you to access another 3x3 table. If a 3-pos switch is used, positions 1 and 2 both select the second table; pos 0 selects the first table.
This gives you up to 9 more - but the radio only allows values up to 10, so you need to decide how to put 10 values into those 18 possible spots. You do that using the table editor screen.
The Priority Switch (usually the spoiler/flap stick) merely selects if the tables are generating the current flight mode, or if there is a different flight mode (the Priority FM, usually Landing Mode) which takes over.

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