Binding the DX9Edit

Bind Failed!Edit

The minimum distance to have your transmitter from the receiver during binding is 6 feet. Some people may need more. If at first you don't succeed, back up more! There are 2 ways to bind a receiver. One is by turning on the transmitter with the top button held. The other is in the menu system. I seem to have better luck with the menu method.

Wireless Trainer Edit

Turn on DX9, select model you are going to be flying, dx6 should be bound to this model. Once bound, turn off the plane and the master. slave should be off too.

1. Hold down the roller and turn on the master, this will take you right to the "system setup" menu 2. Scroll down and click "trainer" 3. click "wireless trainer" 4. click where it says "inhibit" and scroll to "pilot link master", then click to select. (pilot link transfers JUST the stick positions, the programming and trim position of the slave radio doesn't matter, it just uses the trim and programming from the master, to use "programmable master" you have to have all the trims and radio programming the same in both radios, so just use pilot link) 5. Now choose which channels you want to transfer to the slave. 

{For someone really new, like first flight new, I start them with just the aileron channel for steering, then once they get that, move on to give them throttle, and give them elevator last, that gives them less to think about... }

6. Now scroll down and click on "switch", then toggle the switch you want to use to transfer function to the slave. "I" is the default, which is the bind button. I like to use A, and then enable master override, then I don't have to hold a button the whole time they fly. Master override means that if you move the sticks on the master on a channel you have transferred to the slave, you instantly get control back, then to give control back to the slave you toggle the switch back to master, then slave again.

7. Now scroll back up to "bind" and click it, it will say "binding" then grab the slave and hold the bind button and turn it on, basically just do exactly what you would do if you were binding the slave to an airplane.... 8. It will say "bind complete" and you are done!!! exit the system menu and go fly.